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If you take regular, long-term medication or occasional repeat medication you can make your life easier by ordering medicines yourself. Repeat prescriptions can be requested in the following ways:

Some pharmacies have a service where they will request the medicine on your behalf, but please make sure they request only the one you need.

The doctors do medication reviews depending on your medicines and may contact you in if they think you need to be seen again or need to do further tests.

Please allow 2 working days for us to prepare your prescription.

We are able to send prescriptions electronically (EPS) to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process quicker and more convenient for patients. You can ‘nominate’ your pharmacy in several ways; when you are there, with our reception or with your GP.

If you have been taking the same prescription for a while please ask your GP to ‘Repeat Dispense’. This will send your prescription to your pharmacy automatically for a given period until it needs to be reviewed by your doctor. This will save you time as you will not have to request new prescriptions over this period.

Please note that requests for repeat prescriptions cannot be accepted over the telephone or by e-mail for safety reasons. Please do not use the walk-in clinic for repeat prescriptions as this reduces the ability of people who are sick to be seen quickly be by a doctor. Ask the office and they can organise the prescription for you.

Prescription Prepayment Certificates

If you need more than 13 prescribed medicines each year, you could save money with a 12-month PPC. You can also buy a three-month PPC, which will save you money if you need more than three prescribed medicines in three months. The charge for a single prescribed medicine is £7.65, whereas a three-month PPC will cost you £29.10 and a 12-month PPC £104.00.

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